Amazing Crown Molding Hack!

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Crown Molding Hack

Crown molding installation is really hard and complicated, and expensive – right? WRONG! In fact, SOOOO wrong! Just the opposite, as I found out recently. Check this out, and don’t miss the video at the end!

We moved into our house a few years ago and it didn’t have crown molding.

crown molding, life hacks

I started to research about where to get it, how much it costs, what tools I’ll need, how to install it, etc. and discovered that wood and composite molding are really expensive. Not to mention all the tools you need to complete the job that I don’t have, like a nail gun and compressor for example. I was looking at spending around $200 just for a cordless nail gun I would probably only use for this project.

I was in a dentist office a few months back and noticed the beautiful beams he had in his office.

crown molding, life hacks

I complimented him on the beautiful wood beams and he said, “Don’t tell anybody, but they’re Styrofoam!” I couldn’t believe it. They look like real wood.

Foam Crown Molding

So I thought to myself, maybe they make styrofoam crown molding like the beams I saw in the dentist office.  Sure enough I found it online, and a local company had it in stock.

This foam molding comes in various sizes and angles depending on your ceiling height. I have 9’ walls so the sales person recommended I go with 4.5” molding. They make bigger or smaller for taller or shorter ceiling heights. They also have many different styles to choose from, just like with wood or composite molding. You can go as plain as just a board look, or go all out with the fancy stuff.

How to Cut Inside Corner Crown Molding – the easy way!

When I first got my hands on it, I saw that it’s lightweight, extremely easy to cut and literally sticks on the wall using adhesive caulk. I was really worried about how to cut inside corner crown molding, because I am not a carpenter and I’m working with an $11 miter box saw from Lowe’s!  The sales person at the place where I bought it showed me that they made pre-cut corners, so I didn’t have to worry about that.  They look like this:

how to cut inside corner crown molding, life hacks, crown molding

How To Install Crown Molding

Once I started the process of installing the molding, the only tools I needed were my tape measure (which I really didn’t have to use that much), a caulk gun, caulk (of course), mud to cover up the cracks, some 100 grit sand paper to smooth the mud out, miter box and saw, and paint.  I actually bought everything but the tape measure and paint from the molding supplier. He showed me how easy it was to cut as well, just using an $11 miter box saw from Lowe’s. He said that’s what they used in the store most of the time.

The process was really easy. I just ran a bead of caulk along the edges that touch the wall and stuck it in place. I applied a little pressure and that’s it. It took me about 3 hours to complete the entire room. Check out the video below for more info:


DIY Crown Molding

Here’s a picture of the before and after:


crown molding, life hacks


crown molding, life hacks

As far as price goes, it was MUCH cheaper than going with wood or composite. I wouldn’t say it was half the cost, but pretty close. You would have to buy two pieces of wood or composite molding to get the same look you can get with one piece of styrofoam molding.

The bottom line is it looks great, and as long as you don’t have friends that are really tall and can touch it, and as long as you don’t tell anybody, they won’t know the difference! Styrofoam crown molding for the win!

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