Best Stylus for iPad

Best Stylus for iPad Pro

Best stylus for iPad Pro

Stylus for iPad

I have tried several stylus (styluses? stylii?) for my new iPad and found that the ones with the erasers on the end seem to work the best. So since that knocks out all the cheap ones, the cost for a good iPad Pro stylus is going to be over $50.00

Apple Pen

The apple pen worked, but it was:

  1. Out of stock for Christmas for most…
  2. More expensive
  3. The shape is not as good for some of the things I do, now that I have found the best Stylus for iPads.

53 Pencil

This is the one I found to be fair in price, and it has the fat eraser at the top for better control!

Best pencil for iPad:

  • This stylus shipped with extra tips
  • Charges fast! In fact, I have only had to charge it once in the last 2 week, and I use it a lot 🙂
  • Fifty Three pencil for iPad comes in different colors
  • Has cool retro shape that reminds me of my fathers old contractor pencils

I really like the Fifty Three because it feels like an old mechanical pencil, and the grip allows for better motion. If you use your iPad a lot, grab one of these – you’ll love it!



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