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bidet, life hacksBidet Review

Prepare yourself for the ultimate of bidet reviews – because this is a very moving subject. I can personally say that this device is one of those life changing devices you have to get. I bought mine on Amazon for $49.  I have one on every toilet in my house!

Bidet Toilet

In an effort to not be too graphic, the scenario below is very common among folks as I’ve found out over the last year since buying this product. You may wonder why I would talk about such a thing. Go get one and see what happens! You won’t be able to stop talking about it for weeks.   Then, when your friends take your advice, they’ll not only thank you for telling them about it, but they’ll go on and on about how wonderful it is. You’ll even find yourself talking about it with family at the dinner table. Don’t act like the subject doesn’t come up…you know it does.

Here’s the scenario:

Imagine that you are going to a “meeting” (Restroom) to give a “presentation.” Once you arrive to the “meeting room,” you sit down and give the presentation very quickly. You’re relieved because sometimes these presentations can really drag out. The “client” receiving the presentation accepts the pitch and you go to close the deal. You start to do the “paperwork,” and quickly realize that this is going to take longer than expected because the paperwork is redundant and extensive. It becomes a real pain. After an exhaustive effort to finish the paperwork, you just can’t seem to see an end to it and give up and walk away. The presentation didn’t close the way you’d hoped. You walk away annoyed, because you know you may have left some unfinished business behind that you just couldn’t seem to wipe out. You’re not looking forward to the next meeting because the pain from the last meeting is still bothering you, like a nagging itch that won’t go away. You‘re just hoping the next meeting doesn’t require the same amount of paperwork. You think to yourself, there has to be a better way to do the paperwork.  A way that is less redundant.

Does this sound familiar? Does this describe you? Well here’s the Hack:


The Luxe Neo 185

bidet, life hacks

The Luxe Bidet Neo 185 is a non-electric, fresh water, dual nozzle, mechanical bidet attachment. It fits most standard toilets, and it’s a cinch to install. See below:

bidet, life hacks

There are many different bidet toilets out there, this just happens to be the one that I chose for my house. It comes with all the required accessories including the metal braided hoses for the water connection. The installation is easy and you can do it yourself in about 15 minutes.  It’s compatible with most 1 piece or 2 piece toilets. It features a nozzle protective gate that covers 2 retractable nozzles with a self cleaning function. It uses cold water. There are some models that have a hot water connection, and lastly, it comes with an 18 month warranty for the bidet and its accessories.

There is some discussion on the reviews of this product about the “T” valve used to connect the device. Some people chose to go to the hardware store and buy a metal “T” valve instead of using the plastic one provided. I used the plastic valve on both of our toilets and everything is fine. I did use some plumbers tape on the connections which I recommend just to be safe.

When you attach the bidet to the toilet, just be careful when you tighten the device down that it doesn’t turn the device to one side or the other. You’ll want to make sure the nozzles are pointing straight out.

How Does a Bidet Work?

Without getting into too much detail, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to paperwork…if you know what I mean. First of all, if you do have an extensive amount of paperwork, it’s hard to find a toilet paper that doesn’t end up feeling like sand paper. You get what you pay for with toilet paper.

You may be a little nervous about the whole idea of pretty much using a jet sprayer to take care of the area. How To Use A Bidet is pretty self explanatory. When you finish the job at hand, you turn the knob and allow the bidet to spray the area until you feel that it’s clean. You’ll want to go easy on the sprayer because there’s quite a bit of pressure. Once you’ve sprayed off, just pat dry and walk away.

Bidet Toilet Seat

In all seriousness, I would be sore after going because of the paperwork. I bought this out of a desire to find a better way to deal with that particular problem. There are many people out there that suffer with hemorrhoid pain and this device can help by giving hemorrhoid pain relief.  Elderly people sometimes have issues getting clean. I have an elderly family member with severe back issues that has trouble reaching the needed area. I installed one of these in their house and they can’t stop talking about how much it’s helped them. It truly is a life changing device.

I don’t know why we, as Americans, haven’t embraced this type of device sooner. I can’t believe I went as many years as I have without it. I seriously don’t want to have to go to the bathroom any place else but home. We went on a short 3 day getaway about a month ago, and I can honestly say that I couldn’t wait to get home and use toilet paper to pat dry instead of using it the old way. It was really a shock the first time after using the bidet for many many months.

In the video below I’ll show you how it attaches to the toilet and turn the water on so you can see the nozzles. Don’t worry, there won’t be a demonstration with a before and after shot. We’ll keep this family friendly.

Here’s the video:


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