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clean sink means a healthy kitchen, and if you’re wondering how to clean a stainless steel sink or how to clean a porcelain sink, or any other kind of sink, without the unhealthy chemicals that might stain or etch your sink – much less what it can do to your health – then, watch these life hacks! We’ll show you how to clean kitchen sink without using bleach or any other harmful chemical. And it’s perfectly safe for any kind of sink!


How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink

If your sink is stainless steel, or if you need to know how to clean a porcelain sink, or how to get a clean sink drain, this video will help you accomplish all that at once! No need for bleach, or expensive cleaning agents that fill your home with chemicals, or back-breaking scrubbing. Just follow the simple steps in the video above, and you’ve got a clean sink! Here are the steps, just so you can read through them again:

  1. sprinkle baking soda all over your sink (it’s cheap!)
  2. pour a little vinegar around on top of it
  3. let it boil and bubble and do its thing
  4. rinse out with water

Clean Sink Drain

That’s it! This little process actually disinfects as well as any chemical-based disinfectant you can buy, and is way cheaper, and way healthier. You know you’re cleaning supplies aren’t going to harm your family, if it’s all stuff you can eat! Plus, when you rinse it out, you just got a clean sink drain!

How to Clean Kitchen Sink

As you can see on the video, our sink is porcelain, and I spent many years pouring bleach around in it to disinfect and whiten it – then I found out that it kills the good bacteria in our anaerobic septic system, which have to be there for it to work right. So I was actually doing more harm than good! Plus, sometimes it would splash onto our granite countertop and etch little scars in it.

But this works for any material, and is harmful to nothing and nobody. So a clean sink is something you can have without the chemicals! Thanks for watching!


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