Computer Hacks

Computer Hacks


WAV To MP3wav to mp3 WAV To MP3 One of my favorite computer hacks as a musician is turning a wav to MP3. One might ask, “why would you ever need to do that? What is the benefit?” Wav files are the best files. When I say “best,” I mean they are of the highest quality. Wav files... Read More »

Record Screen on Mac

Record Screen on MacRecord Screen on Mac Shouting RECORD SCREEN ON MAC at your computer won’t make Siri do it for you, but thankfully we know some good computer hacks that can show you how to record your screen yourself! It’s quite simple actually, and you don’t need any additional software to make it happen. Record Screen – Quicktime... Read More »

Task Manager Mac

Task Manager MacTask Manager Mac When it comes to computer hacks, PC people seem to be very critical of Macs, claiming that they don’t have certain necessary aspects such as the Task Manager Mac. The Windows Task Manager helps the user look at the percentage of CPU that each running app is using at a given time.... Read More »

How To Create A Zip File on a Mac

How To Create A Zip File on a Mac  How To Create A Zip File on a Mac If you’re hoping to become a computer whiz, or if you just want to make your file sharing life a lot easier, a great thing to add to your computer hacks skill set is how to create a zip file. This can be extremely useful... Read More »

Mac Screenshot – How to Make it Happen

Mac Screenshot – How to Make it HappenHow to Take a Mac Screenshot Little computer hacks can make our lives so much easier, and that’s why I’m going to teach you how to take a Mac screenshot! Taking screenshots on a Mac is a very useful skill to have. I use this feature almost every time I open up my MacBook Pro.... Read More »

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MacHow to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac There are several ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, and you can handle them all, even if you don’t really do computer hacks! Most of this stuff is just a matter of finding the right box to check or uncheck, so I’m going to show you how... Read More »

Mac OS X Screen Capture

Mac OS X Screen CaptureMAC OS X SCREEN CAPTURE A Mac OS X screen capture is sometimes exactly what you need to do, and usually what you don’t remember how to do, even though it’s one of the easier computer hacks around. Once again, to the rescue. We’d like to offer you this short, to-the-point video that takes you step-by-step... Read More »

How to Zip a File on a Mac

How to Zip a File on a MacIf you’re a Mac user, and need to send several files to somebody; and they’re just too big to fit in an email, you need to know how to zip a file on a Mac! It’s so easy to make a zip file, you’re going to want to zip files all day after you watch... Read More »

Best Stylus for iPad

Best Stylus for iPadBest Stylus for iPad Pro Stylus for iPad I have tried several stylus (styluses? stylii?) for my new iPad and found that the ones with the erasers on the end seem to work the best. So since that knocks out all the cheap ones, the cost for a good iPad Pro stylus is going to... Read More »