How to Clean a Stove Top

how to clean a stove top, life hacksHow to Clean a Stove Top

Sometimes something simple like how to clean a stove top can be one of the best life hacks you can find, especially if you don’t want to introduce harmful chemicals into your home. Not only that, but you might also be wondering how to get a clean glass stove top without scratching it. This little trick will accomplish all of that, and get your stove top perfectly shiny and clean – no matter what it’s made of.


As you can see, this is not a glass top stove; but this cleaning method works for any stove top, whether it’s glass or steel or anything. Plus, it uses no harmful chemicals, so your family is safe! I personally hate to use chemicals anywhere in my home, because anything that goes into your kitchen can end up getting into your body!

Clean Glass Stove Top

A clean glass stove top can make your kitchen sparkle, but a dirty one can ruin the whole thing! One of the reasons you buy a glass top stove to begin with is because it looks so good – but only when it’s clean and shiny! So don’t spend a bunch of money on some supposedly non-abrasive cleaner that’s full of chemicals; and many of them have abrasives in them anyway, in spite of their labels!

How to Clean Stove Top

So, here are the steps outlined in the video, just in case you’d like to refer directly to them:

  1. sprinkle baking soda liberally around on your stove top
  2. dribble a small amount of dishwashing liquid onto the baking soda
  3. scrub with a DRY rag or scrubber – a wet one won’t work!
  4. rinse & dry – and watch it sparkle!

That’s it! No harsh or abrasive chemicals, so no worries about harming your family while trying to clean your kitchen! Hope that’s what you were looking for, and thanks for watching!


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