How to Clean Stainless Steel Pans

how to clean stainless steel pans, life hacksHow to Clean Stainless Steel Pans

This chemical-free method for how to clean stainless steel pans will work for anything! Check out these awesome life hacks, instead of scrubbing yourself to death trying to get rid of stubborn stuck-on food. Try this much less-physical approach. Plus, you’ll spend way less time scrubbing!


Cleaning Stainless Steel Pans

Cleaning stainless steel pans – or any kind of pans, from stainless to cast iron – is not rocket science. When the food is burned-on, it can be a very hard job though. And if you’re like me and really dislike using strong chemical cleaner in your home, it can be even harder.

How to Clean Burnt Pan

So do everything you can to make it easier! Run some water in the pan, put it on the burner, and boil it for a while. Don’t boil it dry, because that could actually cook it on there even harder. Just let it boil a while then try to get the food off. If it doesn’t just slip off fairly easily, add more water and do it again!

If you really can’t get it off, try sprinkling on some baking soda and salt. You still might have to use a little elbow grease to get all that stuck food off, but not nearly as much as you would if you didn’t boil it first.

Clean Stainless Steel Pan

If this doesn’t get it, you might actually have to soak it overnight. Sometimes it helps if you soak it in liquid dish soap ONLY – no water. That might get a really bad pan to the point where you can scrub it off. So try that overnight – cover the stuck-on food with a layer of only dish soap, and leave it in the sink all night.

I’ve always liked the “let it soak overnight” method myself – gets me out of scrubbing it really hard tonight!

Either way, between all that, you should know how to clean stainless steel pans now – and how to clean a cast iron pan, and how to clean aluminum pans, and on and on! Thanks for watching!


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