How to Remove Songs from iPhone

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How to remove songs from iPhone is not all that difficult, and definitely not complicated; but it is a little buried. So many functions of your iPhone are hidden, and normal people who don’t read manuals for pleasure & enjoyment have a hard time finding them (we all know people who DO read manuals, and it’s not us). We’re not dumb, just the creative type that uses the right side of our brain so intensely that the left side has to make do with leftovers. Right? Please tell me I’m not alone on this…


So here’s a quick hack video to help you navigate the menus and delete those pesky songs that you don’t even recognize in the first place and have no idea why they’re in your My Music listing:


And that’s all there is to it! Let’s recap the steps, in case you would like to come back & refer, but don’t want rewatch that brilliant video above:


  1. tap Settings
  2. tap General
  3. tap Storage & iCloud usage
  4. tap Manage Storage (& wait a few seconds for the list to appear)
  5. tap Music (and wait a few more seconds for the list of your music to appear)
  6. navigate to your most hated album or song
  7. tap edit (top right corner)
  8. tap the minus sign beside the song/album you want to banish
  9. tap the resulting Delete button
  10. you’re done!

It really is kind of a pain that you have to go through 9 steps just to delete a song, but when your memory is full & you need some room for those pics of that awesome party you’re about to attend, this is a good way to gain some space.


While you’re in there, though, back at step 4 – check & see what other apps are hogging all your space. It will probably mainly be pictures & videos that are holding your phone’s storage hostage, but you can scroll down in that Manage Storage window & find out for sure in a few seconds. You’re likely to find out that something you don’t even want can be completely deleted, saving you all kinds of space, for no extra charge!

So there you have it! Stay tuned for more awesomely easy iPhone hacks that will simplify your life. At least you’ll no longer be losing sleep about how to remove songs from iPhone – you’ve got that one covered!! Get it? Sleep…? Covered…? uhhh….

Never mind – see you next time…


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