Mac Screenshot – How to Make it Happen


How to Take a Mac Screenshot

Little computer hacks can make our lives so much easier, and that’s why I’m going to teach you how to take a Mac screenshot! Taking screenshots on a Mac is a very useful skill to have. I use this feature almost every time I open up my MacBook Pro. There are so many different reasons you might need to be able to take a screenshot of your computer screen, whether it’s capturing an online receipt, a webpage, or perhaps you just need proof that your desktop is finally clean and organized (which is the main reason I use it). There are two different types of screenshots that can be taken on a Mac computer. The first type is just a Mac screen capture of the entire computer screen. The second type of screenshot that can be taken is a selection screen shot. When using this feature, you are given a selection tool with which you can toggle the size and location of the area that will be captured.


I hope my cupcake buddy and I have given you the information you were looking for!

So, I’ll put the main points of the video here in case you need to come back and see them again in order to take a screenshot on Mac – because keyboard shortcuts are way too easy to forget.

Screen Capture Mac

Regular Screenshot

  • Press COMMAND, SHIFT, and 3 simultaneously
  • This will screenshot the entire computer screen.

Selection Screenshot

  • Press COMMAND, SHIFT, and 4 simultaneously
  • Use the selection tool to choose the area you wish to capture with the screenshot.
  • Once you have selected the desired area, simply release the mouse.
  • When the mouse is released, the computer will take a Mac OS X screen capture of the area outlined by the selection tool.

The screenshot is an old trick, but definitely one that is good to add to your computer hacks skill set!

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