I Dropped My iPhone in the Toilet!

i dropped my iPhone in the toilet, life hacks“I dropped my iPhone in the toilet OOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!”

Not a phrase you ever want to hear yourself saying (or screaming). But it does happen! Maybe not necessarily the toilet, but if you’ve dropped your smart phone in any kind of liquid, you’re understandably a little concerned that it might now be a NOT-SO-smart phone. So here’s one of your most valuable iPhone hacks – at least at this moment!

I Dropped My iPhone in the Toilet!

Time is of the essence here, so first (and quickly), do this:

  1. TURN OFF THE POWER!!! That’s the first order of business – NOW.
  2. Dry it off, mainly any of the holes where water can get in
  3. Quickly stick it in a bag of rice & seal it
  4. Watch the video below


iPhone in Water

Now you know – there’s still hope for your former smart phone! It very well could be restored in all its glory within a couple days. And by the way, this works for any brand of smart phone, of course, not just iPhones.

Water in iPhone

Let’s recap, just so you have a good action list:

  2. Dry it off, including getting as much water OUT as possible
  3. Seal it up in a bag of rice – quickly!
  4. Go get some DAMP-RID at the hardware store, unless you already have some
  5. Pour the crystals into an old sock
  6. Put your phone in a Ziplock bag along with the sock full of DampRid crystals
  7. Leave it for at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours
  8. Take it out, cross your fingers, make a wish, say a prayer, power it up, and see what happens!

iPhone Water Damage

If it’s still not working right, you probably should go ahead and make an appointment to have your phone looked at.

But let’s not talk about that just yet! Give it a shot, and see what happens! You might be a genius after all… Good luck!

And done!

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