Ice Tea

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One of my favorite life hacks is this recipe for ice tea – or iced tea – or whatever you prefer to call it. And calling this a recipe is a stretch, maybe, since it’s so easy. But who said a recipe had to be complicated? And that you had to actually make something? Nobody. So check out this great iced tea recipe you’ll love, partly because it’s so easy, and partly because it’s so delicious!


How to Make Iced Tea

So it all “boils down” to this – try stuff! I never knew anybody mixed teas when I decided to try this one, but I knew I liked iced tea, and I also knew I liked Constant Comment; but for some reason decided to try them together. I like the mix of 2 family sized black tea bags with 2 Constant Comment bags the best, but try variations. For a long time, I preferred it 2 black to 1 CC. But I’m liking it better lately with more of the flavored tea.

Iced Tea Recipe

Speaking of boiling… here’s a little tidbit you might not have already known about making ice tea: you’re not supposed to bring the water to a boil. Just almost to a boil. What that means, I’m not sure, like around 210 or so, I guess? But it really does taste better if you take it off the burner right before it starts boiling, then add the tea. It’s slightly less bitter that way.

Iced Tea

Iced tea is my favorite drink in the world. I drink it a lot – enough that I have tea stains on my teeth every time I go to the dentist for a cleaning. I guzzle the stuff. So take it from a self-proclaimed expert – this is a great iced tea recipe!  Here’s a step by step, just so you don’t forget:

  1. almost boil a kettle of water
  2. put 2 family sized tea bags with 2 regular sized bags of Constant Comment black tea in a pitcher
  3. pour over the almost boiling water
  4. let it sit for 15-20 minutes (or if you want to be all proper about it, let it “steep” for 15–20 minutes)
  5. pour over ice
  6. enjoy!


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