iPhone Hacks

Iphone Hacks

iPhone Tripod DIY

iPhone Tripod DIYiPhone Tripod DIY If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you were in need of a solid iPhone tripod, then you will want to check out this do it yourself iPhone tripod hack (one of the easiest iPhone hacks I have come across so far). We now live in the era of... Read More »

Group Text Tutorial

Group Text TutorialGroup Text Group Text Tutorial One of the most useful iPhone hacks I’ve ever learned (along with the feature that allows you to leave a group text), is, in fact, the group text. The best part is: you don’t have to go download a group text app such as groupme. Apple has included it in the iPhone operating... Read More »

Stylus Pen DIY

Stylus Pen DIYStylus Pen DIY Some of the most simple iPhone hacks out there are the stylus pen DIY hacks. Stylus users are always searching for the best iPad stylus or iPhone stylus. After looking at other stylus pens such as the Apple Pen, which seemed to work well but was too pricey for me, I decided... Read More »

How To Reboot iPhone

How To Reboot iPhoneHow To Reboot iPhone Sometimes, simple computer hacks such as how to reboot iPhone can save your social life! iPhones are, no doubt, great little devices that can be helpful with lots of different everyday type things, but they can be prone to mess up from time to time as well. I’ve personally experienced a... Read More »

I Dropped My iPhone in the Toilet!

I Dropped My iPhone in the Toilet!“I dropped my iPhone in the toilet OOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!” Not a phrase you ever want to hear yourself saying (or screaming). But it does happen! Maybe not necessarily the toilet, but if you’ve dropped your smart phone in any kind of liquid, you’re understandably a little concerned that it might now be a NOT-SO-smart phone. So here’s... Read More »

How to Remove Songs from iPhone

How to Remove Songs from iPhoneHow to remove songs from iPhone is not all that difficult, and definitely not complicated; but it is a little buried. So many functions of your iPhone are hidden, and normal people who don’t read manuals for pleasure & enjoyment have a hard time finding them (we all know people who DO read manuals, and it’s not us).... Read More »

iPhone Screen Shot

iPhone Screen ShotIf nobody ever showed you how to do an iPhone screen shot, there’s no way you would know – right? Well, you’re about to learn! IPHONE SCREEN SHOTS iPhone screen shots are good for many things – grabbing a shot of a Snapchat before it disappears, sending somebody a map with directions, shooting a pic of... Read More »

What is Airplane Mode on a Cell Phone

What is Airplane Mode on a Cell PhoneThe question of “what is airplane mode on a cell phone” has an easy answer, but there are other reasons you might use it! Here’s a simple demonstration of what it actually does and how to do it: WHAT IS AIRPLANE MODE ON A CELL PHONE When you click the little airplane and turn on airplane mode, you... Read More »