iPhone Screen Shot

iPhone screen shot, life hacks
If nobody ever showed you how to do an iPhone screen shot, there’s no way you would know – right? Well, you’re about to learn!


iPhone screen shots are good for many things – grabbing a shot of a Snapchat before it disappears, sending somebody a map with directions, shooting a pic of a weather radar to send to your mom to prove you’re not in danger (ha – that’s the voice of experience talking), and on & on. Anything that might show up on your phone is a possible screen shot!

So let’s do it – iPhone screen shot in less than a minute:


And there you have it! Click here to check out all our iPhone Hacks for more quick & easy ways to advantage of all the cool stuff your iPhone will do (that you might not know about).

But now, you DO know how to take a screen shot on iPhone!




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