Life Hacks

Life Hacks

Good Snacks

Good SnacksGood Snacks If you’re looking for a good snacks hack, then go with Emmy on this awesome gas station haul for protein snacks. It is possible to eat clean and have fun while pumping gas! Or while just getting coffee at your favorite one-stop. Sounds funny, but Emmy loves her favorite spot! Check out all of... Read More »

Yoga in Bed

Yoga in BedYoga in Bed One of the best hacks for distressing is to do yoga in bed. It’s important that you let go of The tensions of the day, so that you don’t feel stressed when you’re trying to sleep. Ursula is here to take us through a wonderful  relaxing bedtime yoga routine that will help... Read More »

Healthy Breakfast Hack

Healthy Breakfast HackHealthy Breakfast Hack! You know how you trying to follow a clean eating plan, but you woke up late and you have to get out the door right now! We’v got a great healthy breakfast hack that is quick, easy, and you can take it with you! No more driving through for a quick fast... Read More »

Grocery Shopping Hack

Grocery Shopping HackHealthy Grocery Shopping Hack Ever wonder how to achieve clean eating when you’re grocery shopping? Where do you find the stuff that’s good for you? Did you realize that most grocery stores are set up with the same general layout with regard to food type location? And no, you don’t really have to walk past... Read More »

Banana Pancakes Recipe

Banana Pancakes RecipeBanana Pancakes Recipe You are going to love this surprise banana pancakes recipe life hack. No really, you are going to love it! Guess why? Did you guess that the hack is that these are actually healthy pancakes? Even better than that, they are healthy pancakes that taste amazing! Right, you say. How could healthy... Read More »

Pancake Recipe

Pancake RecipePancake Recipe How do you make this miracle pancake recipe? Lucky you! Emmy is here to show you how to make these most delicious pancakes, topped with butter, Manuka honey, and gorgeous berries.This great life hack will have you feeling awesome and ready to take on your day, rather than lethargic and ready to take... Read More »

Cup Holder Hack

Cup Holder HackCup Holder Hack   Cup Holder Insert The solution to this carpet ruining problem is a piece of furniture that you probably won’t even have to go out and buy, if you’re a bit of a cheapskate. All you need is… a shoe! That’s correct. You just need one shoe. Now, it is preferable that... Read More »

Door Stopper Hack

Door Stopper HackDoor Stopper Hack Want to see a crazy, amazing door stopper hack? You won’t believe what you see! This awesome door stop will leave  you quite speechless, and perhaps breathless. Breathless from laughing so hard that is. We promise to deliver at least a little chuckle, and maybe or maybe not a great door stop... Read More »

Healthy Snack

Healthy SnackHealthy Snack Healthy snack? We have to be honest here – most of the time we don’t have enough time to eat the way we should. Even those of us who know better – and have access to certain unnamed, yet brilliant websites about life hacks – don’t always have the bandwidth to be sure... Read More »

How to Fix a Taillight on a Honda Ridgeline

How to Fix a Taillight on a Honda Ridgeline  Taillight Fix How to Fix a Taillight – Honda Ridgeline A few years ago, I had a taillight go out in my truck; and at that particular moment, life hacks or not, I didn’t have the bandwidth to fix it myself. Or at least, that’s what I thought. So I paid somebody $60 to fix it.... Read More »

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