Life Hacks

Life Hacks

Headphones Life Hack

Headphones Life HackHeadphones Life Hack If you’ve ever found your beloved headphones in a complete tangle, then this will be one of the most life changing life hacks you’ll ever come across. It will make your music listening habits completely stress free!... Read More »

iPhone Stand DIY

iPhone Stand DIYiPhone Stand DIY If you’ve been looking for some new life hacks to make things easier, you might want to try this iPhone stand DIY hack. One of the main problems I have concerning my phone is never being able to stand it by itself when i need to. I always end up showing a... Read More »

Ice Tea

Ice TeaIce Tea One of my favorite life hacks is this recipe for ice tea – or iced tea – or whatever you prefer to call it. And calling this a recipe is a stretch, maybe, since it’s so easy. But who said a recipe had to be complicated? And that you had to actually make something? Nobody. So check out... Read More »

Door Latch Hack

Door Latch HackDoor Latch Hack The origin of this handy little door latch life hack dates back centuries. Well, maybe not centuries, but at least to the time when rubber bands first began roaming the earth by the masses. There are millions of different, handy ways to use rubber bands; from making rubber band guns to stringing a shoebox... Read More »

Best Online Guitar Tuner

Best Online Guitar Tuneronline guitar tuner Best Online Guitar Tuner As a musician, one of my favorite life hacks is an online guitar tuner. Playing guitar is always a lot of fun… when it’s in tune. An out of tune guitar can make even the most skilled shredders out there sound like talentless beginners – or worse! The... Read More »

How to Clean Stainless Steel Pans

How to Clean Stainless Steel PansHow to Clean Stainless Steel Pans This chemical-free method for how to clean stainless steel pans will work for anything! Check out these awesome life hacks, instead of scrubbing yourself to death trying to get rid of stubborn stuck-on food. Try this much less-physical approach. Plus, you’ll spend way less time scrubbing!   Cleaning Stainless... Read More »

Clean Sink

Clean SinkClean Sink A clean sink means a healthy kitchen, and if you’re wondering how to clean a stainless steel sink or how to clean a porcelain sink, or any other kind of sink, without the unhealthy chemicals that might stain or etch your sink – much less what it can do to your health – then, watch these life hacks!... Read More »

How to Hold a Guitar

How to Hold a GuitarHow to Hold a Guitar If you’re wondering how to hold a guitar, you’re obviously at the beginning of this life-long journey of playing music on a guitar. So let’s start with this – it’s going to be hard sometimes! How to hold a guitar is an easy one, but get it right & it... Read More »

How to Clean a Stove Top

How to Clean a Stove TopHow to Clean a Stove Top Sometimes something simple like how to clean a stove top can be one of the best life hacks you can find, especially if you don’t want to introduce harmful chemicals into your home. Not only that, but you might also be wondering how to get a clean glass stove top without scratching it. This... Read More »

How to Clean Kitchen Sink

How to Clean Kitchen SinkHow to Clean Kitchen Sink How to clean kitchen sink if you have a white porcelain sink can be a little tricky. But with these quick life hacks, you can learn how to do it in a flash, using all natural products! There are so many chemicals available for cleaning, and some do a good job;... Read More »

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