Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

strawberry banana smoothie, life hacksStrawberry Banana Smoothie

Want an awesome strawberry banana smoothie recipe? This one is SO fast, and SO easy, and SO healthy! But you don’t have to tell anybody it’s healthy – they’ll never know!


This is on HACKS.PLUS because it truly is a hack. Not only is it quick and easy and amazing, but you have ZERO prep, and your smoothie is going to be super-smooth. Because why drink a smoothie that’s not smooth? Technically, it doesn’t exist anyway – but let’s not totally geek out here. To learn the hack – watch this little 30-second video, and you’ll know our little secret:

So – now you know – use frozen fruit! That’s it! That’s why you have no prep time, and your smoothie turns out super-smooth. That, and the fact that you used yogurt, which also smooths it out even more.


So to recap, here’s the step-by-step:

  1. 1 frozen banana per serving
  2. 4 frozen strawberries per serving
  3. 1 cup greek yogurt (any flavor) per serving
  4. blend
  5. serve (or keep to yourself!)

Now you have no excuse for not eating healthy! For breakfast, at least. Thanks for watching!



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