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weight loss tips, life hacksWeight Loss Tips – 10 Simple Hacks

Here are 10 weight loss tips that can help you with your dieting, if you’re anything like me. And when I say “anything like me,” I mean “lazy.” But these are some of my favorite life hacks, because they actually give you more life!

Easy Weight Loss Tips

A few years ago I realized that if I didn’t start losing weight now – and I was only about 15 pounds overweight – that it would soon turn into 20, then 30; then I would eventually be one of those guys that I look at & wonder “why did he just keep eating and eating all this time?” Because if you let it go that long, it’s much harder to lose.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

So as I started investigating, I found a lot of small things that help a little – but add them all up, and I lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks! And the good news is this: I didn’t work out a bunch! Most weight loss happens by changing your diet, not exercising yourself into the ground. Which is AWESOME, because I hate exercising!

Anyway, here’s my top 10 list of weight loss tips for the lazy guy:

1. Drink a lot of water

I started keeping a bottle of water with me at my desk all day long, and periodically guzzling it. I now go through several bottles a day, which is apparently really good for you anyway. And drinking more water makes you feel fuller, so you’re likely to eat less!

2. Walk 30 minutes a day

It may sound like a lot, but check it out: it doesn’t have to all be at the same time! So take a break & walk at a normal speed for about 10 minutes, and do it 3 times in a day, and you just walked 30 minutes! New studies say that walking about 30 minutes a day is actually better for you in some ways than a serious hour-long workout, which is music to my ears. Because in case I didn’t tell you already – I hate working out!

3. Eat all the veggies & fruit you want

They’re low in calories, and high in all the stuff that’s good for you. And they make you full! Also, the fresher the better – and chips don’t count as veggies, even though they’re made from veggies. What a rip-off. Check out #10 in the article also though, because some vegetables are better for weight loss than others.

4. Avoid sugar

Hey, you didn’t expect an article about healthy eating to be completely pain-free, did you? Note: very often sugar hides out in unexpected places, so check what you eat for hidden sugar and other calories. Many restaurant salads are deceptively high in calories, as are most of your favorite flavored coffee drinks. Sorry.

5. Eat more often

The more often you eat during the day, the less you’re likely to eat overall. So snack a lot! Just make sure it’s healthy snacks.

6. Chew some gum

If you find yourself gravitating toward the refrigerator out of boredom, just take a detour & grab a piece of gum instead. Sugarless, of course.

7. Cut the alcohol

Alcohol is just like bread or sugar, in that it causes your blood sugar to spike, which translates into weight gain. Plus, it’s packed with calories, but without nutrients. Try to make all your calories count toward nutrition & you’ll burn them off more efficiently.

8. Breathe

Okay, I can handle this one. Anxiety and stress have been proven to cause weight gain, or at least add to it. So take some time every day to relax your brain, push the stress out & just breathe for a while. Meditate or pray for a few minutes a day and it will help!

9. Do some jumping jacks

I realize you’re not in elementary PE class anymore, but jumping jacks are a great little exercise. So set a timer for every hour, jump up & do 50 jumping jacks, then take a 10 minute walk. That’s a decent workout, and makes you healthier overall, and helps you with weight loss.

10. Eat low glycemic

You can research this more for yourself, because it’s not as simple as a short list of foods to eat. However, here’s a short list of foods to eat… and eating these will not cause your blood sugar to spike:


  • fruit
  • veggies (the more intense the color, the better)
  • meat
  • yogurt
  • dairy
  • 100% whole wheat


  • white potatoes (turn to sugar)
  • bread (turns to sugar)
  • sugar (already is sugar)
  • white rice
  • corn

Note: I am not a doctor, or a weight loss expert, or anything official; but I did lose weight by following these guidelines! And you can too!



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